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Dan Moses Author of Humanist Humour and Realism Books for Children and Adults

About Dan Moses: Introduction

Dan Moses Author

Hello. I’m Dan, D.R. Moses formally, an author and lyricist.

I write stories for all ages, specialising in children’s books, with lavish lapping’s of imagination and a keen focus on creating memorable and realistic characters.

My first children’s book Mr Bramble and The Boy James was released on Amazon Kindle in the Summer of 2011, and Mr Bramble, the Galoots on Mars was released in October 2011. Read the first Chapter!

My first adult title, Wolfie Burrows: Cats, Prats and the Human Wolf Dog, charts a unique tale through the eyes of an arrogant know-it-all dog that thinks it’s human, inspired in part by my border-collie brother Max.

I’d love to hear from you so please do not be afraid to write. Unlike the people on the tube and perhaps Wolfie!, I don’t bite. I won’t even stare…

Dan ;)

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